Wine Class Sharing Passion!
Wine Class Sharing Passion!
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Tradition still lies at Portugal's heart; families spend time together eating long meals, friends enjoy the summer festivals, dancing, Fado, café culture and eating out. We invite your company to experience Portuguese culture through our tailor-made events: picnics, bicycle rides in the country side, boat rides in the Tejo River, and much more.. never forgeting that we're an ecco friendly company.

Our events include tutored tastings, fine wine luncheons and cellar dinners, featuring great wines from Portugal, served alongside expertly-prepared seasonal dishes and the meals are preceded by a relaxed presentation by one of our wine educators. While you enjoy a selection of delicious traditional canapés your glass will be topped up with 3 or 4 different wines.  Each dinner is tailor-made to fit your company's requirements.

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