Wine Class Sharing Passion!
Wine Class Sharing Passion!
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  About Us

Our mission is to teach the "art of drinking Portuguese wine."

Acting as a company specialized in wine tastings, workshops and events, we pride ourselves in passing on the knowledge of the unique and exquisite Portuguese wines through a sustainable positioning in the Tourism Wine Sector.

Our classes (mini-workshops) and events teach people from all over the world about Portuguese wines, grape varieties, wine regions, food pairings, and much more.  We present information in a fun and lively way with plenty of useful and practical tips, but above all, information of cultural interest which takes into account the sustainability of the Wine Sector in Portugal.

Wine is life and culture; we believe that through the knowledge of traditional and unique wines you will feel a greater proximity to the culture and history of Portugal.

Join us and educate the senses through new sensations, develop a refined taste for wines and have an unforgettable time.


Our Service

Wine Class offers standardized and tailor-made wine classes (mini-workshops) about Portugal's unique wines. Our classes are light, fun and full of useful information about Portuguese wines and culture. Certified Wine Educators and an experienced winemaker are responsible for the choice of wines and appetizers suggested in our classes. 

We pride ourselves in presenting classes that will enrich your wine experience keeping in mind the preservation of the environment.

Our Clients

Besides wine enthusiasts from all over the world, some of our most prestigious Clients are international travel agencies and hotels that wish to add value to their business offer. We also work directly with international companies and banks that use our wine class vouchers as incentives for Clients and employees.  We pride ourselves in offering an eccco friendly service.

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Wine Class Sharing Passion!
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