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Wine Class Sharing Passion!
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  The Seductive Wines of Portugal  Wine Tastings
You won't be in Portugal long before you meet and fall in love with its easy-drinking wines. From the white wines you can expect intense scents, originality, fruity, complex, slightly acidic with a good body and harmony. From the red wines one can experience heavy strong colours, scents and mature fruits, in a firm yet balanced structure of great persistence. There is also the unique Vinho Verde (Green Wine), light, fresh, and delighfully aromatic which suits all kinds of occasions. And of course, one can not leave out Portugal's most famous export, Port Wine, which according to an old saying in the Port trade, every wine would be a Port, if it could. Rich, sweet, intensely-flavoured and, at their best, wonderfully majestic and harmonious, they are wines to be savoured on their own, or with a fine desert, after a meal. Whatever your choice is... tasting a wine from Portugal is to share generations of knowldege, culture and history.  Wine Class' Wine Educators will share with you passion for portuguese wines in our tailor-made wine classes.
Touriga Nacional
This red wine grape is considered by many to be Portugal's finest. Touriga Nacional provides structure and body to wine, with high tannins and concentrated flavors of black fruit.

Arinto is a white Portuguese wine grape planted primarily in the Bucelas, Tejo and Minho regions. It can produce high acid wines with lemon notes.
Wine Class Sharing Passion!
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